What is DanScatt?

DanScatt is an instrument centre for the Danish users of synchrotron- and neutron-sources as well as free-electron X-ray lasers.

It provides funding for travels to experiments and provides advice for new users. It supports the Danish memberships in ESS, E-XFEL, ESRF and ILL, as well as strategic collaborations with PSI and MAX IV.

DanScatt is supported by the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education.



In 2017 DanScatt developed a strategy for 2017-2025, which describes the Danish use, prioritizes between memberships and recommends the most effective activities aimed at accessing facilities.

The primary recommendations are:
Continued membership of the internationally leading facilities within the three areas: ESRF (synchrotron based research), EU-XFEL (XFEL based research) and ILL (neutron based research). From 2023 onwards, the ESS will gradually take over the role of ILL.
Strategic use of MAX IV and PSI as facilities that play a crucial role in relation to volume, training of new users, regional initiatives, and support of the strategic and industry-related research.

Supporting the national ESS strategy focusing on the establishment of lighthouses and one capacity expansion in the neutron range, from about 120 users today to approx. 300 users in 2025.

Download the full strategy report for 2017



Please acknowledge DanScatt in all publications and other activities supported by DanScatt funding:

“We thank the Danish Agency for Science, Technology, and Innovation for funding the instrument center DanScatt.”