Rules for reimbursement of travel

What is covered?

DanScatt members can request support for:

  • Travel to beamtimes at large scale x-ray and neutron facilities provided these are granted based on peer review or within facility directors’ discretionary time.
  • Transport of samples or sample environments (e.g. dewars) with the same conditions.
  • Travel to the DanScatt annual meeting.
  • Travel for board members in connection with DanScatt board meetings.
  • Travel for DanScatt delegates in connection with meetings related to our international obligations in NORDSYNC and TRANSNI.
  • Organisation of PhD/Master/Bachelor courses dedicated to x-ray and neutron scattering subject to prior approval by DanScatt board.

All other travels are currently excluded, including conferences, workshops, annual meetings at facilities, visits with the aim to promote/disseminate the general use of the facilities, proprietary beamtime and the travel of external collaborators (non-DanScatt members).

Furthermore, if European access programs or the facilities themselves can cover the travel, then DanScatt will not.

Which rules apply?

With a rapidly growing community and limited funding, we request:

  • Travel for students and post docs are handled exclusively per bill, not per diem. Permanent staff can choose between the two.
  • All travels are economy class only, and should be ordered well in advance to privide a low cost.
  • Car rental is generally excluded. The remoteness of some sites and the transport of samples can in some cases mandate this.
  • Facility provided services such as guest houses should be used whenever possible. The number of participants in the beamtime should match the need.