DanScatt Annual Meeting 2022

In the afternoon on 17th August, in the hall of H. C. Ørsted Institute the participants could show their posters and discuss with others over a glass of wine or beer!

At the end of the event, on 18 August, the 3 best posters were awarded: those of Kristine Krighaar, Rebecca Svart Silberg and Verena Markmann.

PhD poster winners

Further are the participants which presented their work as well as the topics they work on.

Prof. Anja Verena Mudring, Aarhus University

Andrea Kirsch, University of Copenhagen

Theodor Holstad, DTU

Theodor Holstad from DTU presented his work “Dynamic Dark-Field X-ray Microscopy – movies of ultrafast events
deep inside diamonds and other solids”.

Azadeh Shahsavar, Aarhus University

Shinji Kihara, University of Copenhagen

Shinji Kihara presented his work about Protein Corona and Gut Corona: Understand their Structures Using SAS Techniques.

Prof. Leila Lo Leggio, Univercity of Copenhagen

Ulla Gro Nielsen, University of Southern Denmark

Ulla Gro Nielsen from University of Southern Denmark presented her work in The chemical pathway from waste to resource and the materials needed to do this

Simon Wall, Aarhus University

Verena Markmann, DTU

Marcel Mudrich, Aarhus University

Marcel Mudrich presented his research in XUV spectroscopy and imaging of helium nanodroplets.

Shuai Wei, Aarhus University

Shuai Wei from Aarhus University talked about The first result of femtosecond X-ray diffraction experiments on Phase-Change Materials from EU-XFEL.

Kasper Steen Pedersen, DTU

Inês Catarina Batista Martins, Copenhagen University

Frederik Gjørup, Aarhus University

Frederik Grørup from Aarhus University presented his research in Time-resolved bulk powder diffraction – Studying the
sintering of hierarchical materials at several length scales.

Mark Johnson, ILL

Thomas Ursby, Lund University

Jacob Lass, Paul Scherrer Institut

Jonas Sandemann, Aarhus University

Jonas Sandemann from Aarhus University presented his research in Direct visualization of magnetic interactions in frustrated spinel ZnFe2O4.

Thank you all for coming and being part of DanScatt!

We will be expecting to see you again next year in Aalborg!