DTU presents new 3D imaging and analysis courses

Two new courses for 3D imaging and analysis are coming this spring semester! Master and PhD students from any university are welcome to participate!

DTU course 02508, Deep Learning for Experimental 3D Image Analysis

If you want to analyze complex 3D images using deep learning, this course is for you! You will also learn how to record 3D images using X-ray µCT scanners.

You will get practical experience in using deep learning to analyze 3D images. The main focus is on image segmentation, but you will also learn about other methods such as image classification and detection. 3D imaging is used in medicine, biology, materials research, etc. to analyze a material’s internal structure including its shape, size, number of features, etc.

The course will be going in the Spring, Thursday 8-12 (F2B), 13-weeks period

DTU course 02509, High-Performance Computing for Analysis of Experimental 3D Imaging Data

If you want to carry out 3D imaging and analyze the acquired images using advanced visualization and analysis methods, this course is for you!

In this course, you will work with 3D µCT imaging and analysis of 3D images. This imaging technique is particularly useful if you want to investigate the internal structure of a material on a microscopic level without destroying the sample you are imaging. You can use this in a wide range of areas from medicine to materials research. To use 3D imaging you need to combine knowledge from three areas, including image acquisition, image analysis, and knowledge of the sample you are studying.

In this course, you will get the skills that will enable you to use 3D imaging as a research tool. You will work with experimental imaging using 3D μCT from laboratory scanners and we plan a beam time visit to the MAX IV synchrotron in Lund. MAX IV is a new world-class research facility that offers unique opportunities within 3D imaging.

The most difficult, but also fun and rewarding part of 3D imaging, is analyzing the images. In this course, you will get the practical skills to carry out advanced visualization and analysis, and you do not need to have worked with image analysis before. You will also be introduced to high-performance computing that is needed for analyzing large 3D images.

The course will be going in the Spring, Wednesday 8-17 (F5A and F5B), 13-weeks period

For more information: Anders Bjorholm Dahl abda@dtu.dk