Nordic Perspectives on Advanced Neutron Imaging

During three days at the end of November 2022 DTU Energy hosted a Nordic workshop on advanced neutron imaging arranged together with the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI): “Nordic Perspectives on Advanced Neutron Imaging”. The workshop had 38 participants and was a combination of scientific presentations, detailed discussions, and a focused neutron imaging data analysis tutorial. The topics where very broad and conveyed fields such as magnetism, soil science, geology, engineering, cultural heritage, construction materials and energy research/electrochemistry. Together with neutron imaging experts from PSI advanced methods, their potential for relevant applications, and subsequently the perspectives of scientific achievements involving the future neutron imaging instrument ODIN at ESS were discussed.

The workshop was funded by NordForsk’s Nordic Neutron Science Program and the Paul Scherrer Institute, and was also part of Otto Mønsted visiting Professor Markus Strobl’s sabbatical stay at DTU Energy.